Our students are thrilled to be home!

Please enjoy all of the photos of our amazing students who are so happy to be back on campus and enjoying the full Mitty High School experience. Go Monarchs!

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Help Make Mitty Home

During the Season of Giving we are calling on the entire Archbishop Mitty High School community to unite with us in generosity to support our current Monarchs.

What do the donations support?

Gifts made during the Season of Giving support the Direct Aid Fund, which provides financial aid to students from families with demonstrated financial need.

Why should I give to the Season of Giving?

Archbishop Mitty High School's commitment to keeping the Mitty experience accessible to all who qualify is important to maintaining the Mitty culture and creating a sense of home.To help achieve this goal, this school year we will award $5.2 million in financial aid to nearly 25% of our student body. We need your help!